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The first class of 2017 is tonight at Burnside high! See you there for an epic time!
28 May 2017 Parties and Adventures!

Hello Everyone!

The second term has been quite a whirlwind so far! We've only got a couple weeks left until crunch time for exams, make sure to have a dance or two when you're taking study breaks, it's good for blood flow!

End of Term Party - Saturday 3rd June

It's almost time for another party! This is the perfect opportunity for you guys to showcase all the skills you've picked up this semester, because we'll playing songs from ALL the styles we've learnt!

The party is being held at Riccarton High School's Main Hall, and the party will start at 8:00pm. We've decided on the really cool theme of "Decades", so bring a costume that fits a decade of your choice!

The cost of entry will be $5 each, for everyone.

Closer to the date of the party, we will post a little map on the group so that nobody gets lost. Remember, this is being held next Saturday, the 3rd of June, from 8:00pm until 11:00pm!

Hanmer Trip

One of the best events of the year is coming up, and you don't want to miss out! UCanDance's annual Hanmer Trip will be taking place on the weekend of the 15th and 16th of July. This annual event is one of the highlights of our year, and always creates good memories/photos/banter!

What happens: we travel up there on the Saturday, with an organised roster of drivers who will be assigned to taking a certain number of people each. On Saturday night, we're having a cool costume party in the hall, and the theme for the Hanmer Party will be: Childhood Aspirations!
We will also be providing dinner for that night, and breakfast for the next morning, both being served in the lodge that we will all be staying in.

On Sunday, we take the cars to the Hot Pools, and spend some time warming up/recovering in the pools, before climbing back into the cars and heading back to the big city!

Gear List: Make sure you pack enough clothes for a two day trip to Hanmer in the winter. It will be cold at times, and rain is never ruled out, so dress warmly and plan for rain! Also, don't forget to bring your swimming gear for the Hot Pools, and of course, your costume for the party!
you will not need to pay for breakfast and dinner, but you might still want to bring money if you would like to purchase snacks.

The price for the whole trip is $70, and that covers EVERYTHING. (except for little snacks).
We only have 40 spaces for the whole trip, so sign up quickly on Monday night, in class, to confirm your place!

Big trips and cool parties are coming up, don't miss out!

Dance on!

Regan Harding
UCanDance Secretary

18 Apr 2017 Mid - Holiday Update!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you've had a fantastic holiday so far, and that you were able to take some chill time for Easter!

Holiday Classes are still on!

Just a quick reminder that Holiday Classes are still on every Monday and Wednesday night at DW1, and they will be starting at 7:00pm.

We've had some great fun on these nights, so come along for a little while and practice your skills!

Movie Night: Footloose

We will be screening a showing of Footloose next Wednesday, on the 26th of April.
UCanDance movie nights are a great opportunity to come hang out with the people you've met in class, and also meet some new people who share the dancing love!

The exact time will be displayed on an upcoming Facebook event, so stay tuned in the coming days.

Term 2 Classes: May 1st (Time Changes!)

Modern Jive and Salsa classes will be kicking off on May 1st, just in time for the new uni term, and we will still be in the exact same venue as last term, the Burnside High School Dance Room.

Times have changed slightly! Read below:
- Modern Jive classes will begin at 8:15pm on BOTH Monday and Wednesday, for the first five weeks of term.
- Salsa classes will begin at 9:15pm on BOTH Monday and Wednesday, for the first five weeks of term.
- Zouk classes, for those who sign up, will begin at 7:15pm on the first five Mondays of term.

Remember, you can sign up for Zouk just before the first class begins! $20 gets you into all 5 classes.

Take a well earned rest in the near future, but make sure you come to the Movie Night!

Dance on!

Regan Harding
UCanDance Secretary

11 Apr 2017 Term One Complete!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for making Term One of 2017 so special! There have been a lot of new faces zipping around our dance floor, and we are delighted to see you all grow in skill and confidence.

Holiday Classes

The dancing doesn't stop with the holidays! Instead of regular classes, we will be holding free social dancing at DW1 in the Jack Mann Auditorium. This is a great opportunity to come and practice your skills, whilst also keeping your moves fresh in your mind for the new term. Entry is FREE, so bring your friends, and come have a good time.

Remember, we will go back to Burnside when Term 2 Classes begin. DW1 is only for the holidays.
Term 2 Classes will begin on the 1st of May.

Movie Night: Footloose

UCanDance has always loved putting on cool, dance-related movies to keep our members entertained. This time around, we will be holding a screening of Footloose during these holidays, one of the most iconic dance movies of all time.
Keep an eye out for upcoming information on Facebook. Details for this event will be released soon!

What a brilliant term it's been! Rest up during these holidays, cause Term 2 is going to be big!

Dance on!

Regan Harding
UCanDance Secretary

Classes are back on Feb 27th, 2017!

UCanDance is the University of Canterbury's dance club, specialising in popular partner dances such as Modern Jive, Salsa and Bachata. We run classes twice a week during the university year for just $3 for students and $5 for everyone else. Plus, if you come on Monday, Wednesday is free! Concession cards are also available.

We also run a variety of events throughout the year, including our annual UCanDance Ball and a weekend retreat to Hanmer Springs, end of term parties and more!

Stay in touch by joining our Facebook Group, and liking our Facebook page.

Everyone is welcome - no experience or partner required!