UCanDance Committee 2006

Rosa Wakefield


The wonderful Ms Wakefield is a world famous trapeze artiste who has decided to donate much of her (scarce and highly valuable) spare time to assisting this up-and-coming dance club with its day to day running. Her circus experience means she is well able to deal with the monkeys and tigers who roam free within the club. A long history of management in essential service-sector businesses gives her plentiful knowledge and experience in administrative detail, the art of delegation and the all-important up-keep of staff morale.

She's been in UCanDance since mid-2004, served on the 2005 committee, and in real life is an Oracle Trainer (it's true!).

Raphael Nolden


Raffles, as he is affectionately known by many, is a lovely chap with a slightly dangerous obsession with penguins. During his waking hours (not necessarily daytime...) he enjoys playing with lasers and other boy-toys.

Rebekah McAteer


Dear Rebekah is a lovely Oirish lass, with a wicked sense of humour (perhaps to be blamed on the uncouth engineers she is constantly accompanied by). Despite her terrible pronounciation of the English language, we love her irrepressibly.

Angela Whale


Our dear Angela is a dab hand in the kitchen (her chocolate mud cake has to be tasted to be believed), and highly knowledgeable on important historical figures, e.g. Alice in Wonderland.

Michael Adams

General Committee & joint Promotions Person, Mr Website

As a 'general' committee member, Michael does everything from creating fabulous websites to obtaining the revered status of Eligible Bachelor of the Year, 2005. When not up to his kneck in schematics and PHP, Michael enjoys candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

Kate Moorhead

General Committee & joint Promotions Person

Resident "(almost) married person", Kate is here to advise us on all aspects of mechanical engineering, buying first houses and how to safely sun bathe. She also knows all about taking sheep on holiday in the car!

Ben Ramsey

General Committee & Safety Person

Rumoured to be a computer scientist in disguise, Ben will give anything a go, especially if it involves climbing, swinging or sliding!

Rachel Keen

General Committee & Social Person

It's 2am and I can't think what to write about you Rachel! You're handy at rescuing fellow committee members in the process of cycling to Rosa's folks place, and you take sunburn to whole new levels, but umm...!

Francesca Sowman

General Committee & Harassment Person

One of a pair of linguists, Fran provides us with a valuable translation service, handling all our Arabic, French and Italian needs. She can often be found in front of a book, provided one of the other committee members hasn't stolen it off her! Fran also answers to "Somoman", but look out, Somoman is not one to be messed with!

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