UCanDance Committee 2007

Rosa Wakefield


Queen Rosa, as she is (not) known, served on the committee in 2005, acted as President in 2006 and for some strange reason is back for more. She is an ever useful delegatamatron, as well as an automatron, and all other types of good. Don't ask about this though - she trains Oracles, and as such is very dangerous indeed...

Raphael Noldon


Raff is our very own medical physicist (that's like a doctor, only with more lasers) and to a lesser extent, our very own penguin too (again, with more lasers). Raff is the longest serving member on the committee, with thousands of years of experience. He is also probably the least sane.
Maybe there is a connection.

Hamish Slack

Captain Secretary

Despite being secretary, Hamish is not the only person with access to the website, so we can write horrible things about him. It's a wonder then that none are written here! (ie, watch this space)

Sam Thornton


Samuel is currently training to become a chartered accountant, and uses his role as Treasurer to practice the most important part of the job: Making sure no one has too much fun (Although he doesn't do this very well... at all...)

Sam Isaacs

Safety and Harassment Officer

Ever so keen on our new shirts (Hot Pink) and his vegetarian dishes is our Sam. Although that is what he would call lying (children these days).

Gwendolyn Sugrue

Promotions Officer

Gwen is an interesting character with a lovely voice and an even more, err, lovely shriek. She is also a good person to go to when wondering about biological things, such as whether you should brush your teeth before or after breakfast (apparently it's before... mad stuff).

Rachael Keen

Social Officer

Rachael has been around for a bit, having served on the committee last year as well. You could say she is pretty keen! She also is probably very un-keen on puns on her name, so we always stick well clear of that.

Cass Jones

General Committee

Asked to describe himself, Cass said he was vaguely human and roughly 5'11. We however are not convinced. I mean seriously, what do YOU think?

Anna Peat

General Committee

There are many things you can learn from Anna; interesting ways to crack a whip,strange ways of walking, the dangers of blowing glass... even the dangers of weet-bix (who knew!). When not teaching these mysterious ways of the world, Anna also studies photography at the Uni.

Fish Fish

The bestest fish around

Who needs these guys above? Fish fish *actually* runs the club. The rest of us just pretend.

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