UCanDance Committee 2008

Hamish Slack


Mr Hamish, having served as Secretary in 2007, has decided to get a proper taste of power he needs to run the whole show. Unfortunately he plays WoW in his spare time, and as such will probably never gain any respect... He also has an unusual penchant for bran - mmm, bran!

Peter Lord


This guy is one of the most enthusiastic people you could meet, and puts it all into his dancing, making him a great partner, especially if you need a bit of a boost. Feeling a bit down in the dumps? Take Peter for a spin on the dance floor for an instant lift! Just don't get too close...

Rosa Wakefield


You would think she would have had enough after two years as President, but no, she's back for more. Anyone would think it was fun or something... She's also a bit mad about making cakes, so if you have a sweet tooth she's a good person to be nice to.

Sam Thornton


Here's a fellow you'd really expect to have politely bowed out by now, given how confusing dealing with our accounts gets... But no, young Samuel is a sucker for punishment. Go hassle him for some money if you're feeling skint. He won't give you any, but it's fun to annoy him.

Gwendolyn Sugrue

Promotions Officer

We have a suspicion about Gwen; although she claims to be a third year biology student, we think she's actually pianist Regina Spektor. Perhaps we need to see what happens if we put her in front of a piano...

Rachael Keen

Social Officer

Rachael is up to her third year on committee, and is, as ever, helpful, loyal and keen. And still keenly hating all the name-related puns we like to make here. Sorry Rachael...

Anna Peat

Promotions Officer

Anna is studying photography, and puts her artistic talents to good use painting topless committee members for the sake of the club. She'll also be the first to tell you weetbix can, in fact, be quite bad for you.

Matthew Harward

Harrassment Officer

Known by some as a gentle giant, Matthew is probably at this moment gathering a lynch mob to eliminate those of us cheeky enough to write such ridiculous things on this website.

Gemma McLaughlin

Harrassment Officer

Subsisting entirely on a diet of two plums per week, Gemma astounds us with her energy and creativity. It's some sort of magic, and we're all in awe...

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