UCanDance Committee 2010

Michael Hobbs


Michael Hobbs is the president for 2010! Here you can see him sporting the fabulous spring collection safety jacket from his civil engineer fashion line. Michael is in charge of making sure the club runs properly. He also likes trains.

Michal Connole

Vice President

As you can see, Michal is a VERY SERIOUS person. That's probably why she's in charge of Fuego this year. Be careful not to cross her, because you are dealing with a person who does calculus for fun.

Tiffany DeJager-Kennedy


Tiffany isn't actually a tree fairy - probably. Tiffany is in charge of writing things down at people. She also has excellent taste in books!

Stephen Fitchett


Stephen is our treasurer. He is a computer science student, and is often tired. I think that's because he's building a robot to count our money for us - or maybe just because someone is Wrong On The Internet.

Natalie Jones

General Committee - Harassment Officer

Natalie is one of our harassment officers! You can talk to her (or anyone else) if anything is bothering you. Natalie appears to secretly know a lot of music and physics jokes.

Stuart Knight


General Committee - Safety Officer

Part time DJ, full time dude, Stu is our resident expert in concrete analysis and the latest hot beats. He is also rumoured to be an expert in the black arts of Rock and Roll and is known to bust out the occasional aerial.

Rachel Standring

General Committee - Social Officer

Rachel Standring is the other ginga Rachel on the committee, therefore she must be excellent too. Everyone asked seems to agree on this, which is probably why she is our Social Officer.

Lisa Hepp

General Committee - Promotions Officer

Lisa is our promotions officer and has been to a lot of interesting places. Lisa especially likes latin dancing except when she has a broken leg.

Amadeus Rainbow

General Committee - Harassment Officer

Amadeus is our other harassment officer. Amadeus seems to know everybody, and be involved in some way with everything. He also has a motorcycle!

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