UCanDance Committee 2011

Stephen Fitchett


After serving as Treasurer in 2010, Stephen is back as President. He has a busy job; posing satirically in executive chairs is just one of the many tasks he must perform. Others include telling people they're doing everything wrong, and listening to people tell him he's doing everything wrong.

Michal Connole

Vice President

Michal is just the right amount of crazy. She's just crazy enough to be willing to be Vice President two years in a row, but not so crazy that she skips down the street singing about unicorns and butterflies. As far as we know, at least...

Bethan FitzGerald


As Secretary, Bethan keeps a close eye on the happenings of the club. Sometimes even two eyes, which is more than can be said of her one-eyed bunny. Bethan occasionally finds time to dance when she's not looking after it and her many other "Frankenstein-like" animals.

Scott Thomas


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to manage the club's finances, but it sure helps. Unfortunately Scott isn't a rocket scientist, but as an aspiring astronomer he's the closest we've got. He can often be found pondering the mysteries of the universe (such as "how much wood can a woodchuck actually chuck?" and "where did I put my keys this time?"). Just don't get him confused with an astrologer - the only future he can predict is that of our bank account!

Christian Kundig

General Committee - Social Officer

Our dance club has various roles
Yet social affairs, he controls
But as is depicted
He's often afflicted
With digging himself into holes

Tiffany DeJager-Kennedy

General Committee - Promotions Officer

Tiffany's specialties include dance moves that involve being gracefully thrown up in the air (and being caught again afterwards... usually). We hope she takes advantage of this skill in her role as Promotions Officer - we have several banners that could be waved around from up high.

Stuart Knight

General Committee - Safety Officer

Stu takes his job as Safety Officer seriously, performing rigorous testing involving the most dangerous hazards just to keep us safe. As pictured, these include fire and radioactive materials. Stu is also known for his DJ and rock and roll skills.

Rachel Standring

General Committee - Harassment Officer

What do you get if you cross a cello, a cake, a shop full of toys and one of the friendliest people you've ever met? Depending on how you mix them, you might get a delicious cello-shaped cake that literally jumps into your mouth. Alternatively, you'll get Rachel, one of our two harassment officers.

Anna Fields

General Committee - Harassment Officer

Anna always stands ready to assist her fellow committee members, often with water pistol sneakily concealed in hand. As our other harassment officer, you can approach her with any issues you have in classes - that is, if she's not already busy harassing the committee!

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