UCanDance Committee 2012

Scott "Stars" Thomas


After riding out the earthquakes in style as Treasurer, Scott returns for 2012 as President. The resident astronomer and token mad scientist, Scott can answer your queries about life, the universe and everything, but don't bother telling him you're a Pisces (since he's a Gemini, apparently it will just never work out...) His job is to ask the tough questions, demand results for valued UCanDance shareholders in these desperate economic times, and fabricate outlandish lies about the committee on this very page.

Bethan "Joyjoys" FitzGerald


Bethan likes to be "thrown around", if you know what we mean, wink wink nudge nudge say no more. What we mean, of course, is that she is more than adept at aerial moves. She's always "up for a good time" and displays all the requisite "skills" necessary to "organise large events". Director and owner of Aunt Betty's Animal Hospital, Bethan's dedication to dance is surpassed only by her dedication to her furry, scaly, and slimy friends. She also likes animals!

Stu "Hydro" Knight


Stu's recent graduation from his engineering degree meant that he was overqualified for the position of Safety Officer at UCanDance. He has since moved up to the exalted heights of Treasurer, despite strong opposition from #OccupyUCanDance protesters. Now, despite making up just 11% of the committee, he controls 100% of the money. Stu likes jelly aeroplanes; we haven't the heart to tell him that his new job at the airport only involves metal ones.

Rosie "Terpsichore" Brailsford


Rosie hails from Akaroa, which is located just past Never Never Land. Her family owns a small farm which meant that her childhood consisted of endless 4am starts to milk the cows, followed by hours of toil and hard labour, churning butter while singing rustic country songs. Rosie has abandoned this carefree life to study for a Bachelor of Awesome (majoring in Sparta) and Bachelor of Sci-Fi (majoring in Dr. Who). She also fulfils an important requirement for being Secretary: owning rabbits.

Pete "Yes, My" Lord

General Committee - Safety Officer

Lord Peter's addition to committee this year reflects the recently kindled desire of the public to see their newly wedded gentry becoming more involved in the community. Lord Peter is noted for his dedication to the art of dancing approximately three times as fast as the song dictates. In his copious amounts of spare time Lord Peter enjoys the finer things in life: monocles, top hats, fox hunting, and throwing elaborate soirées on one of his numerous estates, managed by his household butler and farmed by the local peasantry.

Lydia "K.O." Keast

General Committee - Harassment Officer

Lydia-tron, as it is affectionately known by all, is a 10-foot robot that escaped a large green and red containment facility and came to us to learn how to dance instead. Initially unable to feel fear, love or joy, the addition of an advanced emotional chip has made Lydia-tron one of the cheeriest robots you will ever meet. Its chatty synthesized voice is sure to put a smile on your face! If not, don't worry, it'll paint one on for you. Its other hobbies include destroying Tokyo and appearing in Michael Bay films.

Christian "C-3PO" Kundig

General Committee - Promotions Officer

International man of mystery Mr Kundig returns for his second year on committee after an eventful 2011 that saw him foil three terrorist plots, take out two hideously scarred Russian villains, analyse numerous historical events, charm countless ladies and finally acquire his own classy bachelor pad. Sadly, his super-spy skills failed him in what has since come to be known as "The Post-It Procedure," the thrilling tale of prank warfare gone wrong. Coming soon to a big screen near you. (Or just look through his Facebook wall.)

Corwin "Cheesecake" Rüegg

General Committee - Harassment Officer

All-round good guy Corwin the Bushman abandoned us, shortly after being elected in 2011, to commune with nature. Upon his return, wild-eyed and blood-stained, he spoke of encountering a tribe of savage beast-like bush people who cared naught for the niceties of civilization, living beyond the edges of any known map and worshipping their own primal gods. We think he just went a bit too far and hit Te Anau instead. Oh, and he makes mad cheesecakes.

Miko "Major League!" Urlings

General Committee - Social Officer

You'll be able to spot Miko easily as he is probably the only one in the room who is walking on his hands. In fact, his story is a highly touching one. This continued blood deprivation wasn't good for his feet and only UCanDance was able to save him from life-threatening podiatal exsanguination by convincing him to use them for dancing. When not laying down some sweet moves, Miko been known to leap tall buildings in a single bound, yelling bold yet tasteful interior design advice to the occupants as he arcs overhead.

Committee quote of 2012

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" - Friedrich Nietzsche

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