UCanDance Committee 2013

James Steel

President aka Supreme Overlord

After dismissing claims that the world was ending, James quickly managed a hostile take over. Declaring that the regime of Steel had begun, he is ushering in a new age of dancing. As President James looks after the club, ensuring that everything is running smoothly and going according to his master plan. James also knows everything about what is happening in the club (and many other things) so feel free to ask him any questions, particularly those relating to the range of events being put on by the club. Alternatively, just ask him to dance!

Rosie Brailsford

Vice President aka The Hand Of The King

As last year's secretary, Rosie's distribution of information was key in James' take over. For her loyalty, Rosie was elevated to the position of Hand of the King. As Hand of the King, Rosie helps to ensure that everything is going according to plan and keeping the rest of the committee in line.

Alisha Wyke

Secretary aka The Inquisitor

As the Secretary Alisha is the records keeper of the club, and is responsible for informing the masses of James' will, generally in the form of your weekly newsletter. She has earned the name Inquisitor for her uncanny ability to get information from anyone, no matter the subject, though it is to be hoped she only uses this ability for good. It is said that apart from James she is the only one who knows what happened to last year's committee...

Jay Harland

Treasurer aka The Scrooge

Jay loves money and it was by drawing on this affection that James convinced Jay to be his treasurer. As the Treasurer, Jay looks after the club account, making sure it has enough money to put on all sorts of awesome events. When Jay isn't collecting, counting or swimming in the club's money, he can be found on the dance floor showing off his musicality skills; just watch him when "Sexy and I Know It" comes on.

Jason Middlemiss

Social Officer aka The Instigator

If there is ever a fun/crazy/slightly questionable gathering happening, Jason is normally involved in some way, if not responsible for instigating it. As the Social Officer Jason helps to create some fun social experiences beyond the club's major events. Jason is a fairly relaxed, easy going guy, known for his love of the more 'interesting' dance moves.

Richard Velvin

Safety Officer aka The Constable

As Safety Officer, Richard is here to make sure you are safe while dancing. He does this by enforcing the club's safety policy (so no throwing your dance partner around). As a civil engineer, Richard is well suited for assessing the structural integrity of all your fancy dance moves. When not enforcing safety Richard can be found dancing, usually a very fast paced salsa.

Eva Mayer and Chris Knowles

Harassment Officers aka The Enforcers

At first glance these two may not look threatening but they were hand picked by James for their discretionary prowess and ability to handle any situation. Feel free to talk to the Harassment Officers about anything, especially if anyone is making you feel uncomfortable or has done anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. They have the power and discretion to make all your problems disappear.

Eva is a mystery wrapped in an enigma contained within an oddity all packed into a chocolate fuelled dance addict. She is always looking for a reason to dance, so help her with her addiction. Chris is the contrastingly calm and collected one of the two, seeming the most at peace when the chaos is at its peak. Together they provide the balance required to handle any situation, no matter how strange.

Miko Urlings

Promotions Officer aka The Propagandist

As the Promotions Officer, Miko is responsible for making sure everyone knows about the club and its events by whatever means necessary. Miko is believed to be a ninja. He has nether confirmed nor denied this. Miko has often been seen using his 'ninja' skills to bypass any obstacle that get in the way of him spreading his message to the masses.