UCanDance Committee 2014

Finn LeSueur

President aka The Finnale

"He's ok." - Miko

Miko Urlings

Vice President aka King of Puns

Also known as the King of Puns, Miko’s main job within the committee is to keep a relaxed atmosphere within the club with his sometimes cringe worthy, sometimes genus, puns and jokes. When not dancing and cracking jokes he can usually be found stealing Christian’s keys.

Caitlin Busch

Secretary aka The Hands

Caitlin is the hands of the club; she does the typing at meetings and is in charge of keeping everyone up to date with messages about parties and classes. She is also literally the hands in Surgeon Simulator, a game which she is uncannily good at.

Jack Grigg

Treasurer aka The Beard

Jack has graciously put aside time from maintaining his prolific facial hair and luscious curls to help manage the finances of the club. Even though he makes up only 11% of the committee he makes up 99% of the collective committee beard.

Seonaid Palmer

Social Officer aka The Food Bringer

Resident food-bringer to committee meetings, Seonaid’s appearance (food) is always greeted with smiles. In between bringing the committee sustenance and her many other commitments she gets excited to organise social events for the club’s members (I hope she brings food..).

Amelia Farrow

Safety Officer aka ---

As safety officer Amelia is here to enforce the safety policy of the club and to ensure your technique for lifts, dips and tricks is robust. When she isn’t testing all the latest dips and tricks for your safety she can be found watching anime or reading manga.

Jess Gunby & Tom Swarbrick

Harassment Officers aka The Confidence & The Silence

Tom and Jess were picked by the committee to serve as your source for advice and help if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable. They are practiced in the art of confidentiality and silence – most especially Jess who sometimes will not speak a word for days.

Emma Hodgson

Promotions Officer aka Little Miss Giggles

Also known at Little Miss Giggles, Emma contributes many smiles and laughs to the committee and is sure to bring her cheery personality to class this year. Make sure to ask her for a dance – you will certainly find it a smiley experience. She is also in charge of keeping you informed about all the events throughout the year!