UCanDance Committee 2015

Finn LeSueur


While Finn is the man in charge, he's actually a pretty chill guy. He leads our committee and ensures we keep all of our lessons and events on track. Finn has a strong background in Latin dance styles, and is also your go-to person if you want music playlists or a quality photo.

Amelia Farrow

Vice President

Though not always as derpy as the photo depicts, Amelia has a pretty wild sense of humour and can usually be found giggling at something you might not have wanted to hear. Her role is to support Finn's endeavours and keep the rest of the committee in line. She may take ownership of some of the larger events being run this year.

Jason Middlemiss


Jason is crazy-fun to dance with and always trying new things. As secretary, he does the emails, rosters, meeting minutes... paperwork, basically. Jason is your point of contact if you want the latest updates, and to help liaise with a number of people. He's always happy to help.

Georgia Harwood


Your favourite door-person, Georgia, is our treasurer. She keep our books balanced and all the numbers in check. She's lovely, and always worth saying hello to, even when you're not trying to stretch the budget over the latest thing.

Seonaid Palmer

Harassment Officer

You can thank Seonaid for all the wonderful events of 2014, as she was our social officer last year. Seonaid likes netball and the outdoors. Feel free to approach her or Daniel with any issues you might have.

Bindy Todd

Promotions Officer

Bindy is a cool chick. She's all about having fun. Who wouldn't be surprised if she lives off milk & cookies? She's working with Daniel on all of our promotions this year.

Daniel van Beyere

Promotions & Harassment Officer

We call him "Dapper Dan" because he's so classy. He's our coffee-fueled designer, and our harassment officer. Apparently he runs a singles group, ladies...

Erin Smaill

Safety Officer

Erin suspends her sci-fi and fantasy worlds temporarily to join us on the dance floor. She can keep the beat pretty well despite all that wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey stuff. She keeps our moves safe on the floor, and free from rips in the space-time continuum.

Sarah Mark

Social Officer

If you find yourself infected with enthusiasm, then you've probably come into contact with Sarah. We've entrusted her with taking us out to all of the fun things. She's always keen to head off on an adventure!