UCanDance Committee 2016

Committee Members

Lauren Duke

President & Harassment Officer

Hi! I'm Lauren, UCD's president and resident hippie. When I'm not dancing I can be found musicing, exploring the outdoors, yelling at various technological implements, or catching criminals. I don't bite unless asked, so come and ask me for a dance or a random conversation on any of my favourite topics. Or just anything that's not computers.

Olivia Scott

Vice President & Safety Officer

Lauren Douglas


Hi guys! I’m Lauren (or Loz to avoid confusion) and I’m the secretary of the club. I love all kinds of dancing and did many years of jazz, tap and musical theatre before making the leap into social partner dancing last year. Outside of dancing and uni you’ll find me blogging, trying to hide the fact that I’m a pop punk princess and living vicariously through travel bloggers. I’m always up for a dance especially if it involves spinning in one of my swirly skirts so come say hello.

Matthew Ruffell

Treasurer & Website Maintainer

Hello, I'm Matthew, the almighty Treasurer. I like the money, counting the money, stroking the money, but not spending the money! I love dancing and getting my grove on to a whole heap of styles, and outside of dancing I like chatting about sports cars, weird indie music and nerdy computer stuff. Come ask me for a dance!

Matthew Boyland

Safety Officer

Hey. I'm Matt, one half of this year's UCD safety officer team. I'm a fan of tramping, traveling, gaming, and dancing. I'm always looking to improve, so ask me to dance sometime.

Leah Jerard

Social Officer

Hey, I'm Leah! I'm the social officer on this year's committee. I love dancing and I have done since I was little. I love music and watching Netflix in my spare time. Having intense conversations about many tv shows is my favourite, so come say hey!

Courtney Brown

Promotions Officer

"Make UCanDance great again" - Donald Trump 2k16

Yuri Filatov

Harassment Officer

Hey guys! I'm Yuri, and I'm a dance addict. I dance pretty much every day, and don't know what to do with myself when I don't. I focus on Latin styles, so if you ask me to dance MJ, don't be offended when I say no. Also Zouk is best. Don't trust Lauren. Zouk > Swing.

Past Committee Members

Callum Labouche Entwistle

Harassment Officer

Shawn Love

Promotions Officer

Carly O'Flynn-Madden

Promotions Officer