UCanDance Committee 2017

Courtney Brown


Hey all! I'm your 2017 president and love to dance. I love Latin, but i'm terrible at MJ. People who can dance MJ well are wizards. Also, if someone says "take me to your leader" in a creepy voice send them to Yuri, he's stronger than I am!

Yuri Filatov

Vice President

Hey guys! I'm Yuri, and I'm a dance addict. I dance pretty much every day, and don't know what to do with myself when I don't. I focus on Latin styles, so if you ask me to dance MJ, don't be offended when I say no. Also Zouk is best.

Regan Harding


Hey everyone! I'm Regan, the 2017 UCanDance secretary and local motorbike/dance enthusiast. I'm one of the newer members to the UCD committee, but fear not! I bring to the table a keen enthusiasm for all dance styles (mostly Modern Jive and Bachata). My three favourite things outside of dance are driving, classic rock and drama, so come find me and strike up a convo!

Finn LeSueur


I'm Finn, a slightly ageing UCanDancer! Been coming for quite a few years and want to continue to help the Club grow and evolve. I'm mainly a Latin junky so make sure you come ask me for a dance!

Noel Bisson

General Committee

Hi I’m Noel, a 2nd year Computer Science and Physics student at UC who likes to dance in his spare time. I’m also a skier, swimmer, avid book reader and eternal Harry Potter fan. So if you’ve got a moment, why not ask me to dance!

Ollie Scott

General Committee

Just really likes cool words.

Matthew Ruffell

General Committee

Hey, I'm Matthew and I love dancing! I'm a huge social dancer and I like dancing Zouk and Modern Jive, but I'm also known to dance Rueda and Bachata every now and again. Outside of dance I like talking about music, especially indie artists like Grimes (did I mention I ❤️ Grimes?), driving and looking slick in sports cars, exploring beaches and all sorts of nerdy stuff like manga and computer things. Come ask me for a dance!

Phoebe King

General Committee

Hi, I'm Phoebe. Outside of dancing I enjoy playing my trombone, reading books, climbing trees, reading books in trees and generally being outside. So come and say hey and ask me to dance (lead or follow).