UCanDance Committee 2019

Phoebe King


Hi everyone! I am the President of UCanDance this year. This will be my fourth year with UCanDance and my fourth year of a mechanical engineering degree. I really enjoy dancing and want to encourage people to give it a go! In my spare time I play trombone in a brass band and go rock climbing. I also love going on adventures. Feel free to come and talk to me about the club, dancing or anything really. I’m not too scary.

Mutu Thompson

Vice President

Hi. I’m Mutu, your Vice President for 2019 (that just means I fill in for Phoebe if needed and try to make her not overwork herself too much). I’ll also be filling in as safety officer until Tom gets back. I’ve been dancing at UCanDance for 5 ½ years, as well as at other clubs. I mostly dance modern jive (hence teaching that) but I really enjoy almost every style we’ve taught at UCanDance in that time. I’m currently a philosophy masters student. Dance has pretty much eaten all the time I’d otherwise spend on other hobbies, but I’m generally pretty nerdy. Guess how old I am (don’t tell if you know).

Louisa Hall


Hello fellow dancers and dancers-to-be. I’ve been part of UCanDance since 2016 and am this years’ Secretary - so you’ll hear from me fairly frequently. When not dancing, I’m generally cooking, gardening, or reading comics in my free time, or digging in soil and teaching Earth Science at Lincoln University.

Noel Bisson


Hello UCanDancers, I’m Noel, a Modern Jive and Rueda fan enrolled in 2nd Pro Software Engineering. I've been at the club since 2016 and spent time as general committee, secretary and (albeit briefly) Vice President. Outside of dancing I enjoy rock climbing, tennis and getting lost in a good book. I’ll happily lead or follow so don’t be shy about asking me to dance :)

Anna Treffer

General Committee Harassment Officer

Greetings! I’m Anna, I’ve been with UCanDance since 2017, prior to that dancing rock n’ roll. Outside of dancing and study one of the main things in my life is martial arts, although I love a variety of sports. I’ve done Taekwondo for six years, Aikido for three and Shotokan Karate for two. If you have any concerns about the way someone is dancing with you, or any inappropriate behaviour in general please don’t hesitate to come talk to me or Regan. It will be dealt with quickly and tactfully. I love dancing and meeting new people so come find me for both!

Regan Harding

General Committee Harassment Officer

Hey! I’m Regan, a 4th Year Arts/Commerce student, also known as UCanDance’s resident music nerd, who’s been lurking around here since early 2016. 2019 marks my second stint on committee, this year as one of your harassment officers. I spend all of my free time dancing, acting, swimming, and drowning myself in Queen and Dire Straits. If you have any concerns or questions about the club, please feel free to approach me or contact me at any time, with discretion assured.

Amelia-Rose Graham

General Committee Social Officer

Hi everybody, I’m Amelia. 2019 will be my third year with UCanDance, but I’ve been dancing for about six years. I’m a self proclaimed Latin dance nerd, having danced competitively with Latin Fire Dance Academy for a while now. My free time is spent mostly training for dance, teaching dance and going out social dancing. Happy to answer any and all questions relating to the Christchurch Latin dance scene and dance in general! Ask me for a dance, I will dance anything, but my heart is in Latin ;)

Lauren Douglas (Loz)

General Committee Promotions Officer

Kia ora koutou, my name is Lauren (or Loz) and I have been involved with UCanDance since 2015. My lifelong love of dance started at age 3 with ballet lessons, moving onto jazz, tap and musical theatre before finding the social partner dance scene at university. After a year working at Walt Disney World in Florida, it’s great to be back home and dancing again!

Tom Wilding

General Committee Safety Officer