UCanDance Committee 2020

Angus Hunt


Hey there! I’ve got the fantastic opportunity to run the club this year, alongside finishing off a geography degree and practicing spanish whenever I can. Come and share some dance moves (solo dancing is just as good as partner), and I’m always keen to talk about books, nature and cooking. Also, if you’ve ever got any questions or comments about the club then I’m always ready to hear them.

James Tennant

Vice President

Hi, I'm, James, the UcanDance Vice-President, and have greatly enjoyed coming to UcanDance classes for three years now. I'm an enormous fan of MJ, but also fancy a bit of cha-cha and Rueda. Non-dance interests include hiking, traveling (especially if it involves planes!) and polishing off a good book.

Lauren Duke


Hi, I'm Lauren! I'm passionate about dance and teaching, and my favourite thing is seeing people discover the joy of dancing for the first time. When I'm not dancing, I'm either in the ocean or playing boardgames with my friends! It's also been said that I'm quite FUN.

Patrick Buck


Hello fellow dancers! I'm Patrick and you're Treasurer for 2020. This is my third year with UCanDance and it has been any absolute blast learning to dance!! Outside of dancing, I'm also into cycling, gaming, theatre and going on adventures. I love modern jive so please come ask me for a dance!

Anna Treffler

Harassment Officer

Greetings all, I’m Anna, one of your harassment officers this year. 2020 is my second year in this role and on committee. I’ve been with UCanDance since 2017, with previous background in competitive Rock n’ Roll dancing. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to see me or Sam; other than that, come see me for a dance or chat! I’ll dance to anything and need to practice my lead skills. 🙂

Julia Langrish

Promotions Officer

Hi, I’m the promotions officer for UCanDance. I've been in UCanDance since 2018 and have really enjoyed learning to dance and meeting people here. When I'm not dancing I like to play games and explore the city. In 2020 I’ll be working full time as a software developer.

Sam Hamilton

Harassment Officer

Hi everyone! I'm Sam, I was dragged along to UCanDance by my flatmate several years ago, and ended up getting hooked on dancing as a hobby; it's very fun! I've been dancing on and off for a long time, so please ask me for a dance or any questions you may have! I mainly dance modern jive, although deep in my memory there might be some Salsa and Rueda, somewhere. Outside of dance I'm an avid runner and skier.

Karl Van Slooton

Hey! Im Karl I've been Dancing with Ucandance since 2019 so I'm still relatively new to the club. Outside of Dance and work (Building stuff) I enjoy playing Ice hockey and being in the Outdoors. I particularly enjoy Skiing, Ice Skating on lakes, Fishing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Hiking. So if you want a dance or a yarn come and find me!