UCanDance Committee 2023



Hi, I'm James, the UcanDance President and member of UcanDance since 2017. I'm an enormous fan of MJ, but also fancy a bit of cha-cha and Rueda. Non-dance interests include hiking, traveling (especially if it involves planes!) and polishing off a good book.


Vice President

Tess has jumped onto the UCanDance exec with both feet after starting classes last year.



Roz started dancing with UCanDance last year and dove straight into the exec this year as Secretary.



Hi everyone! I'm Sam, I was dragged along to UCanDance by my flatmate several years ago, and ended up getting hooked on dancing as a hobby; it's very fun! I've been dancing on and off for a long time, so please ask me for a dance or any questions you may have! I mainly dance modern jive, although deep in my memory there might be some Salsa and Rueda, somewhere. Outside of dance I'm an avid runner and skier.



Let's dance! You can find me on a dance floor most week nights. I joined the UCanDance exec to share my passion and help provide a place for students to learn to dance.

Karl Van Slooton

Hey! Im Karl I've been Dancing with Ucandance since 2019 so I'm still relatively new to the club. Outside of Dance and work (Building stuff) I enjoy playing Ice hockey and being in the Outdoors. I particularly enjoy Skiing, Ice Skating on lakes, Fishing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking and Hiking. So if you want a dance or a yarn come and find me!