The UCanDance Museum


First president and co-founder of the club. Now a gentleman farmer, a dad, and happily married to Jo (who he met at UCanDance).

Dr Andrew Lintott

The much revered and feared Dr Andrew Lintott is one of the Life Members at UCanDance who is way before most of our times. With more than a decade of Latin Dancing experience, and as co-founder of our club, he's the Walking Talking UCanDance Encylopedia.


Matt has been around since day dot - he's a life member, and still pops up from time to time. He's also a proud new daddy, so if you catch a glimpse of him these days he's likely to have dark circles under his eyes!


Pictured here with Hemon, Keri spent lots of time dancing with the club before escaping to Kaikoura to spend time with the whales (she thought they were a bit more graceful than us).


Janna is one of the club's life members, and has spent many long hours choreographing MJ routines. We love her enthusiastic teaching style, and hope that she'll eventually get bored of printmaking in Edinburgh and come back to us!


Quietly slunk around for years before we noticed him. He's always been a great supporter of the club and still keeps in contact. Now living in Rotorua and does things to trees.


The club's favourite German, Marcel, escaped to start his PhD in Austria. When are you coming back, Marcel?


Jeannie was Secretary in '04 - where is she now???


Mad hot Charlotte first turned up at dancing in 2000 but finally agreed to do her bit and join the committee in 2004. Now nursing in London.


In the beginning wee Carmen was just 17 and couldn't get into the events with alcohol, how she grew! Today she's travelling in the UK.


Adrienne was President in 2000. That was our first really successful year and sweet Ady was the main reason. She's since escaped to live across the ditch.


The club's official poster boy, pity we don't have a photo. Oleg was a fantastic Modern Jive teacher, and now lives in Auckland.


Joined the committee in 2003, and very entertaining he was. Used to dance with a mixture of Modern Jive and Aikido, it looked cool and the leads were quite compelling! He's now married and has disappeared into deepest darkest Loburn, never to be seen again.


Rachael joined the committee as Treasurer in 2005, and did a great job keeping people from spending too much moolah. She's since escaped to Auckland to help other people spend theirs (she's a banker).

Sarah Wheaton

Sarah spends a large amount of time with her head in the clouds - literally! She's an atmospheric physicist, as well as a perpertual UCanDancer. She now lives in windy Wellington.

Sarah Moore

Sarah is a UCanDance stalwart, having served on committee and taught for many years. She's a fabulous dancer, and snatches every opportunity to develop her style. Now living in London, yet another familiar face we hope to see back here sometime!

Dan Harding

Dan's been around for quite awhile; possibly so long as to be considered obsolete by some, but we still love him dearly. Dan is now living in the UK.

Hemon & Katie Dey

Hemon's been around since the olden days, but I don't know when Katie popped up. Is it Hemon's fault she's here at all? Tune in next time for more...

Outside of dancing Hemon is a talented hardware/software engineer and knows Palms like, well, the back of his palm! He's also a graduate of the illustrious Electrical & Computer Engineering department at UC; maybe that's why he's such a good dancer?

Hemon and Katie were recently joined by a new little Dey, Alysha Maya. We expect to see her at UCanDance soon...

Kirsten Long

Kirsten, seen here looking her best as Marilyn, was a very enthusiastic teacher, and served on the committee as vice-president in 2005.

Eric Lee

One of our resident lawyers, Eric was best known for his funky MJ styles and *interesting* sense of humour. He's been around just about forever.

Ben Low

Ben is fantastically enthusiastic, and not just about dancing! He's keen for a tramp, a mountain bike ride, a party (even if he does turn up as everyone else is leaving), some pole dancing... Just about anything, really!

Angela Whale

Madame Secretary for half of 2005 and all of 2006, Ange did a great job of looking after our finances - and our calculator! Now in Chermany, we hope someday she'll come back and teach some more.

Ciaran Moore

Ciaran is one of the loveliest lads you could hope to meet, despite being an engineer. He claims to love fast cars (although it's possible he's just trying to justify his manhood) and is a bit of a saint. Ciaran is still in Christchurch and occasionally frequents UCanDance events.

Sam Isaacs

Sam is one of those astonishing people who only need to see a move once before replicating it perfectly - you know, the type that drive the rest of us insane, until we want to learn stuff - and then we love them! He was recently married and is currently living in Malaysia.

Anna Peat

Anna is studying photography, and puts her artistic talents to good use painting topless committee members for the sake of the club. She'll also be the first to tell you weetbix can, in fact, be quite bad for you. Anna is currently teaching in Japan.

Rosa Wakefield

You would think she would have had enough after two years as President and then another as Secretary, but no, she's just won’t give up! Kindly keeping everyone in line (via remote control from Wellington), anyone would think it was fun or something... She's also a bit mad about making cakes, so if you have a sweet tooth she's a good person to be nice to.

Hamish Slack

Mr Hamish served as Secretary and then President in 2008 and now lives in Wellington. Unfortunately he plays WoW in his spare time, and as such will probably never gain any respect... He also has an unusual penchant for bran - mmm, bran!

Sam Thornton

With his golden arian locks and bubbling childlike joy, Sam doesn't really fit the position of a accounting guru; however, he admirably succeeds at both. A sucker for punishment, Sam was treasurer in 2007 and 2008. After a period in Alaska he has returned to the country and now lives in Wellington.

Pei Ying Pan

Our dear PY was 2005 President and webmistress, and taught in class until 2010. She has since followed many others to take up residence in Wellington.

Rose Nichols

Rose was around for ages, and has served on the committee and even been President, as well as teaching and helping out lots. She's very talented at switching between dancing as a girl (her default) and as a boy (for when the man-drought is evident).

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