Present UCanDance Characters

Aiden Pons

Purple, trademark hat, sustaining himself almost entirely on sugar - is there any better way to describe Aiden? No-one knows where Aiden came from, but until recently he was seen skulking around the Eng Core. With a sharp sense of humour and sarcasm you can't go wrong with chatting or dancing with him.

Lauren Selina

Lauren, ex-club president (2016 & 2018) and longtime Modern Jive teacher, is one of those people that doesn't seem to know the meaning of "day off". When she isn't dancing you can find her in the ocean, defending her shared title of "Best Articulate Player" in the club, or working with various NGOs.

Christian Kundig

After years of saying "Guys, this is my last year", Christian just keeps coming back. As such, he's effectively part of the club inventory (not that we'd have it any other way!). The new chapter in his life of teaching keeps him too busy to make the weekly classes most of the time, but keep an eye out for an enthusiastic meregue-dancer at the social events. You'll find him in various social dances around the city and in strange, far-off countries, traveling the world.

Phoebe King

After serving in the club exec from 2017 to 2019 (including club president 2019), Phoebe decided it was time for a break from committee things. However, that hasn't stopped her from coming back in 2020! Apart from being a lover of dragons, salsa, and Dr. Suess, Phoebe can be usually seen reading ferociously.

Michael Hobbs

Michael served as president in 2010, but much like a parent sending their child to school for the first time, he struggles to let go. Proving once and for all that engineers can actually dance (ish), Michael can often be found teaching or helping out around class. No, we can't believe it either.

Lewis Poulsen

Lewis is one of our top dancers and part of our amazing teaching team at UCanDance. Facial hair neater than our whisky and moves smoother than jazz. If you hear sudden, booming goose noises from across the floor, that's just Lewis laughing. Make him laugh sometime, we promise you won't regret it.