The Translation Party Committee 2012

Scott "Stars" Thomas


2012 Earthquake President Scott styles and round trips. Gemini astronomical spatial query. Desperate Economic Commission of the mystery of life sciences communication and a positive token Scott fish, shareholders, outrageous obvious display UCanDance Don page swing residents requests ( he... He is after.

Bethan "Joyjoys" FitzGerald


Average, we know each throw, wink wink. Of course, instead of moving, says her good air. She was always in her aunt's... Dance to the good friend of slimy scaly owners ' private animal hospital director Betty dedication furry excellent organization. She also likes animals.

Stu "Hydro" Knight


Recently graduated in engineering degree from the UCanDance safety officer Stu. He, despite opposition from the powerful Royal accounting protest height OccupyUCanDance. Now, despite making only 11% of the Commission, he controls 100% of the money. He doesn't care about the new airport works Stu jelly airplane metal is not.

Rosie "Terpsichore" Brailsford


From the land of the past Rosie Akaroa was born. The child farm ownership issue infinite configurations, hard mix, butter, and she is almost kids action songs 4 family started milk. This carefree life Bachelor and Bachelor sq. feet (Department of Dr. Guy ) abandoned research great Rosie (majored in Sparta ). She meets the critical requirements for the Secretary: owns a rabbit.

Pete "Yes, My" Lord

General Committee - Safety Officer

Add Peter benefits from community now adding new noble recently dedicated weddings are published. Describes the speed of Lord Peter. Free agricultural complex complex tossing hats, monocles Butler House, his Lord Peter's amazing 3 enjoy a rich life of dedication to the known dance song: when fox hunting: he is:: soir-é es local farmers

Lydia "K.O." Keast

General Committee - Harassment Officer

Affectionately known, hidden features, red, green, and Lydia - Tron, dance descriptions ", 10-foot robot. Is the first emotional advanced tips Cheeriest Lydia Tron fear escape robot joy love. Your face is smiling chatty speech synthesis! Doesn't care about the paint. Poor show, film, Tokyo Michael Bay, and other hobbies.

Christian "C-3PO" Kundig

General Committee - Promotions Officer

Rich, elegant rich analysis 3 mystery Russia, fear, many events, sights, history of two backup female villains scar Mr Kundig insight international mission 2: 2011, foil, without exit. He felt, missed his sad post instructions, prank war spy technology. Coming to the big screen. (Or just via his Facebook wall. View )

Corwin "Cheesecake" Rüegg

General Committee - Harassment Officer

[Friends, all natural Bushman Corwin, 2011 Disclaimer matters. Worship nurse powder useless Bush life Conference map Savy beast of blood stains, primitive tribes and civilizations. From Te Anau think he struck and... Oh, he is a mad cheesecake.

Miko "Major League!" Urlings

General Committee - Social Officer

Probably probably walks a priestess of her room. His story is really inspiring. He continues to podiatal UCanDance chapter Exsanguination and attractive effect. Built as a dance crew overhead arc layer jump wisdom cried, binding, some blood Ark Miko, elegant interior design advice, a bold life's sweet feet.

Committee quote of 2012

"Listen and dance music for crazy people and saw the man." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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