We hold classes every Friday evening during the university terms, with two classes each night. Our focus is to provide a fun, social atmosphere that always welcomes new members. No partner required! Classes are currently held at Rehua 226 on Friday nights, 7pm.

Class dates

Classes run every Friday evening during university terms. We sometimes run classes between terms. Keep an eye on our facebook page, emails to members and news for details.

Term dates for 2022

  1. Term 3 (Current): 29 July - 26 August
  2. Term 4: 12 September - 21 October

Dance Styles

All the dance styles we teach are partner dances. The main ones are:

  • Modern Jive, a flashy and fun dance set to modern dance music. It features plenty of fancy-looking spins and dips without complex footwork.
  • Bachata, a Latin dance from the Dominican Republic.
  • Salsa, a popular Latin dance with slightly more complex footwork.
  • Rueda, a exciting group dance that is danced in a large circle.
  • We run occasional special classes introducing other styles. Examples include Cha, Zouk, Rock and Roll. Keep an eye on our newsletters to see what's coming up!

The styles for 2022 are:

Term Styles
Term 3 Modern Jive, Bachata
Term 4 Modern Jive, Bachata

Class Format and Times

For general classes (Modern Jive and Bachata), you can come and go for whichever classes you like, but we would love to see you at both!

Time Activity
7:00-7:15pm Doors Open, Setup & Social Dancing
7:15-8:00pm Modern Jive
8:00-8:15pm Social Dancing
8:15-9:00pm Latin Style (Salsa, Bachata, Rueda)
9:00-10:00pm Social Dancing


Classes are absolutely free for 2022! So bring your friends, and join us in learning to dance, with no need to carry around coins or worry about concession cards.