2006 UCanDance Dance Competition

They came, they line danced...?!

The ever-elusive Brianna; Jared and Gemma

Erin & one of many Bens; Dip in progress; "Look over there! A three headed terrorist!"; "Hmm, where's my wallet gone?" asks Angela

There's Always One

There's always one that just can't resist hassling the photographer at every opportunity! Presenting...


... in her many forms: retro-futurist; offcial; jack-in-a-box; cheeky-brat-on-the-mat.

Best Move

This year, best move went to a daring death drop...

... and special mention was made of this amazing move that culminated in a smiling Ben and Cherie spinning across the dance-floor on her rear!


And what dance competition would be complete without a limbo competition?

"And it was this big!"; "Like hell it was! It was this big!"

People have the most interesting ways of limboing!

"What laws of physics?" — (another) Gemma

Hermes Conrad would be proud!

Competition was tough: some went mad; some resorted to crying in the corner. Poor Tracy...

Chocolate... so much chocolate!

The lucky winners (Geoff now thinks it was this big...)

The hungry dancers then proceeded to devour a cafe in grand style :-)

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