Hanmer 2006
On Saturday the 22nd of July thirty-six youthful ruffians piled into cars (the bus we booked rang at 9.00pm on Friday to tell us they couldn't drive us up!) and escaped the city. After arriving in Hanmer Springs, we assembled for lunch and headed for the campground. The afternoon didn't take long to pass; there was a little bit of snow on the ground, so after some snowball-throwing people scattered. Some shopped, some explored the woodlands, some mini-golfed... There must be other stories of mischief, but perhaps they didn't pass the censor!

By dinnertime everyone was ravenous, and the food disappeared at an astonishing rate (special thanks to Raphael for his help with that). Then it was off the the bunkrooms to get prettied up for the dance party.

We all danced the night away, and crept back into the campground at the witching hour. We ate dessert, and eventually (i.e. around 4.30am) everyone crept into bed. Sunday morning involved stuffing everything back into packs and racing to the hot pools for many hours of relaxation... It's a tough life!

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