Hanmer 2009
As tradition dictates, in the dead of winter, 40 hardy souls made their way from the UCSA carpark to Hanmer Springs. On this most auspicious 18th of July, the air was clear, the sun sunny and the temperature cold. On our arrival at Hanmer springs, we downed lunch at the local diary/cafe before proceeding to our accommodation - Bellbird lodge. Some of us choose to spend the afternoon off walking/playing in the snow. Others stayed at the lodge reading, sleeping or preparing food for the evening's events.

After dinner, we headed into "town", to the Hanmer hall, where we celebrated with the outrageous theme of "Fashion Crimes". We danced till late and then came back to the lodge and whiled away the small hours with talk, pyjamas and apple crumble.

In the morning, we headed down to the hotpools for a morning (and afternoon) of bathing. There were conga lines through the park and Rueda in the pool!

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