Hanmer 2011

The 2011 Hanmer trip, held on August 20-21, had a record 52 people after the original 40 slots sold out in one night and extra accommodation was arranged. A blizzard several days beforehand caused some concern, however it ended up being perfect timing with a sunny weekend and a blanket of snow across the town.

Saturday featured a stopover at Frog Rock for almost all of us. In the afternoon, a large group walked up Conical Hill through the snow, where there were spectacular views and many snow fights.

On Saturday after dinner we had our "Opposites" themed dance party, with many great costumes and a thoroughly enjoyable night.

After an exhausting first day, we headed to the hot pools on Sunday to relax, before returning to Christchurch.

Frog Rock

View from Conical Hill

Us at the hot pools

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