Hanmer is almost here!

Hello Everyone!

Hopefully everyone is starting the recovery period for exams! Before the new semester kicks off, we've got a pretty exciting event coming up soon: the annual UCanDance Hanmer Trip!

Information: July 15 - July 16

Meet in the UCSA Carpark, outside the Foundry, at no later than 9:45am on Saturday July 15.

This years trip will be during the last weekend before Term 3, from the 15th to the 16th of July. We plan to leave Christchurch at 10:00am, with an assigned vehicle roster taking everyone up to Culverden for lunch, then stopping briefly to take in the sights at Frog Rock, before continuing on to Hanmer.

Once in Hanmer, we will set up our rooms and bunks at Alpine Adventure Holiday Park, then we'll all hang out/explore the town/do whatever we like, until it's time to get back to the lodge for dinner (cooked by our lovely committee).
The party in the Hanmer Hall will be starting around 7:30pm, with transport being provided by the rostered people who drove from Christchurch. Everyone is welcome to attend the party, even if you aren't participating in the entire trip itself. After the party, we will head back to the lodge and chill out for the rest of the night, but don't stay up too late!

Breakfast will be provided for the next morning, and then we will all be heading up to the Hot Pools for a post-party soak. Lunch will also be provided by the committee on the pool grounds.
Bring all your gear with you to the pools (you can leave most of it in the cars that will be travelling back to Christchurch), as we will not be returning to the lodge after we leave for the Hot Pools.
After the Hot Pools, everyone will pile back into their assigned cars and head back to Christchurch! If you need to get back to the city slightly earlier, this can also be arranged with the committee and drivers, so just ask!

Gear Requirements

Dress and pack appropriately for two days for an alpine environment during winter! Definitely bring your own sleeping bags and pillows, along with a practical supply of warm and wet weather clothes.
Remember to bring togs for the pool!
And don't forget your costume for the party! The theme is Childhood Aspirations, so get creative!

Costs and Benefits

The cost for the entire trip, including main meals, the party, and the Hot Pools, is $70.

Electronic sign-ups are now available here, get in quick to secure your space!

If you'd like to buy snacks, such as food in Culverden, you will be required to pay for this yourself.
Every meal provided by the committee will contain vegan and gluten free options for those who require them.

Drivers who are taking people will be financially compensated for petrol after the trip concludes.

This is one of the best events of the year, so come and make some great memories with your dance friends!

Dance on!

Regan Harding
UCanDance Secretary