AGM Tonight!

Hello Everyone!

We've come to the last week of term, and it's time to pass the torch onto the future leaders of UCanDance!
Week 12 is notorious for being a rather action-packed week in both clubs and university itself, and UCanDance is no different...
The upcoming week includes the AGM, the Chocolate Giveaway, and the final End of Term Party!

AGM Monday 16th October

The AGM is one of the most important events of the entire year where we go over what happened in the last financial year, whilst also electing our UCanDance committee for 2018!
We encourage as many members to attend as possible, since this is the best opportunity to get your voices heard for which direction you think the club should be heading in next year.
We also supply some top-quality food and beverages for those who attend!

The AGM is TONIGHT, Monday October 16, in Kirkwood Room KH03 starting at 7:30pm.
If you want to discuss committee roles with the current members, the Committee will be there at 6:45pm.
ANYONE can run for committee, so if you're interested, throw your hat in the ring!

2017 Committee Roles
- President: Courtney Brown
- Vice President: Yuri Filatov
- Treasurer: Finn LeSueur
- Secretary: Regan Harding
- General Committee - Noel Bisson, Matthew Ruffell, Ollie Scott, Phoebe King.

UCanDance Annual Chocolate Giveaway

Now this is something we can all get behind: FREE CHOCOLATE!
Instead of having a proper class this Wednesday, we like to focus our time on having a series of different dances that people can participate in, all with the common goal of winning chocolate!

Our panel of judges will be grading a solid number of different styles and speeds that we've all been learning throughout the year, combined with an abundance of party games and giveaways.
Everyone will be leaving with something in their bellies at the end of the night!

The Chocolate Giveaway will be held at Riccarton High School Hall, on Wednesday October 18, starting at 7:00pm.

From Jack 'n Jill to Role Reversals, it's gonna be a blast for all! So come along and try your hand at winning some free chocolate, entry is FREE for all!

Final End of Term Party

It's almost time for Halloween! There's a solid amount of us who celebrate this holiday in New Zealand, so in true UCanDance fashion, we're making it the theme for our final End of Term Party!

The End of Term Party will be held at Riccarton High School Hall, on Saturday October 21, starting at 8:00pm with $5 entry for all. The theme is HALLOWEEN, so get spooky!

Halloween themed food and drink will make an appearance, so come along and round off the year in style!

One last time from me, dance on!

Regan Harding
UCanDance Secretary

(p.s. love you all <3)