Welcome to UCanDance for 2018

Hello Everyone!

A very warm welcome to all our new members as well as those who are returning to us for another year of dancing! It's going to be a fantastic year and here's a quick update with everything you need to know about getting back into dance in 2018.

First Class

Classes begin next Monday, 26 Feb. Doors open at 8:00pm and class will begin after everyone has paid so please be there at 8.00! Remember to bring a drink bottle, deodorant, and a spare shirt if needed.
Location is the Riccarton High School Hall, so we'll see you all there on Monday. Be sure to checkout the Facebook Event.

For the first semester we'll be teaching Modern Jive and Bachata (both at a beginner level). The times of Monday classes are:
- Modern Jive (8:30pm - 9:15pm),
- Freedance (9:15pm - 9:30pm),
- Bachata (9:30pm - 10:15pm),
- FreeDance (10:15pm - 11:00pm).

Wednesday times (different to Monday)

Wedensday class starts earlier than Monday with doors opening at 7:00pm. The times for the night are:
- Modern Jive (7:30pm - 8:15pm),
- Freedance (8:15pm - 8:30pm),
- Bachata (8:30pm - 9:15pm),
- FreeDance (9:15pm - 10:00pm).

Facebook Events

Make sure that you like us on our Facebook Page and join our Facebook Group to stay up to date with the latest UCanDance news.
The group is the BEST way to keep in touch with other members of the club, and to keep an eye on any important updates that might happen from day-to-day. You can also use the group to arrange carpooling, make a comment thread for music requests, and organise trips to other social dancing events.

Noel Bisson
UCanDance Secretary