Term 1 Social Events

Hi everyone.

Hopefully you've all been enjoying classes so far this term and have learnt some awesome moves. The social events happening this term are a great opportunity practice your new dancing skills, as well as get to know other members of the club better.

Picnic in Ilam gardens tomorrow 2:30pm

Tomorrow is our first social event of 2018! We'll be having a picnic in Ilam gardens with some music and dancing to get to know each other a bit better.

Location: Beside the Ilam staff house in Ilam gardens where the picnic tables are.
Time: 2:30pm onwards
Cost: Free, but bring along some snacks or drinks to share.
Event: Pic-a-nic in the Garden!

End of Term Party

The first End of Term Party is happening on the first Saturday of the Easter Holidays, 31 March. Come along for a great night of themed social dancing.

Details: Social dancing, food and fun!
Theme: Outerspace
Location: Riccarton High School Hall (same as normal class)
Time: 8-11pm
Cost: $5 cash entry on the door
Event: Coming soon

Concession Cards and Dance Ettiquete

Concession cards can be purchased for $25(students) or $45(non-students) during class. They buy you 11 weeks of classes at a discounted rate and mean you don't have to remember those pesky gold coins.

The dance etiquette observed in free dance and at all UCD social events is:
- Always ask someone if they'd like to dance, never just drag them onto the floor
- Anyone may decline a request to dance without giving a reason

- Stay fresh. Bring along some deodorant, breath mints or a spare shirt if needed. Deodorant and mints are available at the desk during classes for you to use.

- Don't get stuck in stereotypes! Follows can ask leads to dance too
- Have fun!!

Noel Bisson
UCanDance Secretary