UCanDance Week 2 Update

Hello Everyone!

Its week 2 of term here at UCanDance and its shaping up to be a busy one. We're holding a Bring a friend night next Wednesday and the Hanmer trip is happening this weekend!

Bring a friend night

Next Wednesday(1 August) we'll be running beginner classes for people new to UCanDance.
Anyone who hasn't been to a UCanDance class before can attend for free so bring along all your friends and relations who've ever expressed interest in learning to dance.

For more details check out the Facebook event

Hanmer trip this weekend!

The Hanmer trip is happening this weekend so it's your last chance to sign up.
Info about the trip can be found on the Facebook event Hamner Trip.

If you have signed up, this week of classes is your last chance to pay the $70 cash. If you have not paid by Saturday you will not be able to come on the trip.

Everyone on the sign up sheet should have received an email containing details for the trip as well as the car groups. If you have not received this info or wish to be moved to a different car group please contact one of the committee members or email us at ucandance.nz@gmail.com

We're looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday for a great weekend :)

See you at dance!

Noel Bisson
UCanDance Secretary