Summer Break

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all for a great year with us at UCanDance. I already miss seeing all of you at class twice a week. If, like me, you are wondering how you can keep up your dancing and dance-dependent social circle over the holidays, there are many clubs and opportunities for partner dancing in Christchurch. Plus, some of our members are already part of these clubs, so you will see familiar faces.

Where to dance?

If you're looking to improve your Salsa or Bachata, check out Latin Fire. The next beginner Salsa course starts tonight, Mon 29 Oct, at 6:00pm.

If Modern Jive is more your style, Fevah MJ classes run every week night at 7:30pm in various venues throughout the city.

For those of you who enjoyed Lauren's Charleston special class, or wish you had signed up, Swingtown Rebels offers a wide range of dances, including Charleston, Lindy Hop, Blues, and Balboa. The next beginner Lindy Hop course starts this Wednesday 31 Oct.

For other styles we haven't taught but you might like to try your foot at, Brazilian Beatz offers open level Zouk classes Friday evenings, and Tango Floorspace has a new beginner Tango session starting this Wednesday. Both styles are great for partner connection.

Of course, dance classes are fairly $$, but there are still ways to dance even on a tight budget. For free Latin dancing, Casa Publica hosts Thursday Latin nights every week, and SLaM is a night of dance every last Sunday.

UCanDance events

Keep an eye out for fun, free events we will hold over summer, like picnics in the botanic gardens or dancing at the Dance-o-mat. We'll send out an email and post on the facebook page prior to any event.

2019 Committee

Last but not least, the new UCanDance committee includes:

President: Phoebe King
Vice President: Mutu Thompson
Treasurer: Noel Bisson
Secretary: Louisa Hall
Harassment Officer 1: Anna Treffer
Harassment Officer 2: Regan Harding
Safety Officer: Tom Wilding
Promotions: Lauren Douglas
Social: Amelia-Rose Graham

We look forward to seeing you during the summer and next year!

Enjoy the weather and keep boogieing,

Louisa Hall
UCanDance Secretary