Safety Information

UCanDance is committed to ensuring the safety of its members, and will ensure that the element of safety is incorporated into all material being taught.

The UCanDance committee contains a designated safety officer. You may ask them, or any other committee member, if you have any questions or concerns.

Safety in UCanDance classes and events

While participating in UCanDance classes and events, you must abide by the following rules in order to create a safe environment for everyone and to minimise the risk of injury:

  • You may only perform dips, leans, drops or baby aerials at UCanDance classes or events after both you and your partner have received appropriate teacher instruction on how to perform the move safely.
  • You may not perform dips, leans, drops or baby aerials at UCanDance classes or events in the first term of each year.
  • You may not perform aerials at UCanDance classes and events, with the exception of rehearsed performances, rehearsals for these performances, and aerials workshops.
  • Teachers may ask students to leave part or all of a class if they are concerned that they do not have the skills required to learn a move.
  • For your safety, you must follow all reasonable directives from UCanDance committee members and teachers.

Dip Safety

While different dips have different safety considerations, the following are some essential rules of dip safety:

  1. No one has to dip if they don’t want to, and no reason is required.
  2. Leaders should keep their backs straight and bend with their legs.
  3. Followers should carry as much of their own weight as possible.
  4. Followers should never assume they are being dipped, and should only dip if they are certain they have been led to do so. Verbal clarification is encouraged if either partner is uncertain.
  5. Both partners should be aware of their surroundings before and during a dip.